The State of Social Media in Mexico

The State of Social Media in Mexico

Due to the increasing popularity of social media sites worldwide, we explored the “State of Social Media in Mexico” and uncovered some interesting data that places Mexico in a leadership position in this category worldwide.


1. Mexico has a 98.2% reach in social media sites, which positions Mexico above other regions.

Latin America has a 95.8% reach; followed by North America with 91.1%, and the same number is shown for Europe. The worldwide average reach is 87.1%.


2. Mexico is the second leading country in Latin America in terms of unique visitors to social networking sites.

Using April data, Mexico has 24.9 million unique visitors to social media sites, positioned after Brazil that has 66 million unique visitors in the same month. Mexico is followed by Argentina and Colombia with 17.8 and 12.7 million respectively.

3. The Social media category (including social networking and blogs sites) grew 4.1% in Mexico last year.

We can see that in April 2013 the number of unique visitors was 26.6 million and in 2014 this grew to 27.7 million.

4. 65% of social media visitors are less than 35 years old.

After Tania Yuki, Founder and CEO of Shareablee, recently visited Mexico, she highlighted that:

1. The activity for top Facebook pages is growing in Mexico.

It can be seen that the average number of fans grew 177% from January 2013 to May 2014, reaching 963 thousand. The total social interactions in this same platform grew 27% in this same period.

2. The main categories for Facebook in Mexico are: news, entertainment and media.

3. When a photo and a link is included in a post, more engagement is seen in social networks in Mexico.

In the next table, you can see that in three different categories the engagement is higher when it includes a photograph in the post.

4. In general, Mexico has the third position in terms of engagement in Latin America.

In Brazil, we can see engagement at 0.09%, followed by Argentina at 0.08, and Mexico at 0.07%.

All social network audience data was pulled from comScore Media Metrix®. For the engagement analysis and social network activity, we used Shareablee, comScore´s global partner for the measurement and key metrics of social network activity.

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