One in Four People on Social Networks in Mexico

One in Four People on Social Networks in Mexico

Adoption slowed by low internet user penetration

A new eMarketer report forecasts double-digit growth for social network usage in Mexico through 2016, with the number of users reaching 30.3 million this year.

However, social adoption in Mexico will be hampered by the country’s low internet adoption. Internet user penetration in Mexico will reach 40.5% this year, significantly below Argentina at 54.3% and below the Latin American average of 42.6%. This difference in adoption can be attributed to Mexico’s economic climate, where half the population falls below the poverty line.

The new report, “Social Networking in Mexico: Bringing the Plaza Online” analyzes findings from dozens of third-party research providers, includes interviews with industry executives and addresses the most important social networking trends in Mexico, including:

  • What social networks are succeeding in Mexico?
  • What are the key demographic trends in social media usage in Mexico?
  • What are the similarities between Spanish-speaking social network users in the US and those in Mexico?

“Mexican culture is deeply rooted in the town plaza, where generations of Mexicans have gone to conduct business, shop, socialize, and discuss current events,” said eMarketer. “From this perspective, it is not surprising that Mexicans embraced social networks so quickly and effortlessly, turning social sites into virtual plazas.”

Facebook continues to dominate the social landscape with an estimated 28 million users this year, for a penetration of 92% among social network users.

Key Takeaways from “Social Networking in Mexico: Bringing the Plaza Online:”

  • Cultural and digital exchange across the US-Mexico border offers challenges and opportunities.
  • Popular social networking sites in Mexico fall in line with global trends.
  • Pinterest, foursquare and LinkedIn will remain underachievers.
  • Social network users in Mexico and the US Hispanic market have positive views about ads and like to comment.